Characteristics for SMB-060A
SMB-060А  11,5 mt
Length 6750 mm
Width 2550 mm
Height 3780 mm

Designed for for reception of components, preparation of concrete mixture or transportation of ready-mixed mixture to the object of concretingand unloading, including unloading by portions. SMB-060А is a semi-trailer for MAZ-938020-1011.

Main Characteristics
Payload capacity 11,5 mt
Engine D-243 (autonomous)
Engine power 59,6 kW (81 hp)
Transmission layout  

Additional Characteristics

Tires (technological chassis) 11.00R20
Operational weight, kg 7000
Gross weight, kg 18500
Max speed, km/h 60
Loading height, mm 3780
Water tank volume, l 600

Mixing drum characteristics

Mixing drum volume: struck, m³ 10
Mixing drum volume on output of ready mixture, m³ 6