MoAZ-60148 Series

Characteristics for 60148
60148  18 mt
Length 11215 mm
Width 3270 mm
Height 3500 mm

Designed for layer-by-layer extraction of soils (I and II classes of material), its transportation and filling with a layer of fixed thickness.

Main Characteristics
Payload capacity 18 mt
Engine YaMZ-238АМ2 (Russia)
Engine power 165,4 kW (225 hp)
Transmission mechanical AC/DC
Transmission layout  

Additional Characteristics

Tire 26,5-25
Wheel arrangement 4х2
Operational weight, kg 20000
Gross weight, kg 38000
Transporting speed, km/h 44
Operating speed, km/h 5,5
Turning radius, m 8,6
Track of mover wheels, mm 2400
Track of scraper wheels, mm 2050
Bucket volume: struck, m³ 8,3
Bucket volume: rated, m³ 11,5
Cutting width, m 2,82
Cutting depth, m 0,3
Traction force, kN 90