OJSC "BELAZ" was awarded the main Swedish Steel Prize 2014

24 november 2014

OJSC "BELAZ" - Management Company of Holding "BELAZ-HOLDING" was awarded the prize at the contest of engineering projects Swedish Steel Prize 2014, which took place in Stockholm (Sweden).

The goal of the contest was motivation and spread of knowledge for creation of light, safety and ecological products of high-resistance steel. Specialists of steel industry from all over the world took part in victory ceremony that was included in the program of three-day international project.

OJSC "BELAZ" was awarded prestigious prize for effective operation of Swedish steel WELDOX 700F in the construction of the biggest mining dump truck BELAZ-75710 of payload capacity 450T. The steel secures required strength characteristics of the dump truck, as well as high impact resistance at low temperatures, great overall weldability, suspension kinematics, compactness, low metal consumption of the construction. Due to the steel qualities, it became possible to lower the loading height.

Video www.steelprize.com

General Designer of OJSC "BELAZ" A.N.Egorov (second from the left), Head of Design Bureau of Suspensions V.V. Zagorskiy (first from the left) during awards ceremony.


The first mining dump truck of the highest payload capacity BELAZ-75710, which integrated the complex of original innovative solutions, was assembled in August 2013. In January 2014 the payload record was registered in the Guinness Records Book. BELAZ endured the test mass of 503,3 metric tons (550 short tons) and performed demonstrational drive at the testing ground. Nowadays this record is registered in the "CIS records book" and "Guinness Europe records". The first BELAZ-75710 was commissioned at "Chernigovets" mine in Kuzbass in August 2013. At present time the second dump truck BELAZ-75710 is being assembled.

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