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  • Memorandum of cooperation and Agreement of intent for delivery of mining dump trucks BELAZ-7555B was signed in Novosibirsk

Memorandum of cooperation and Agreement of intent for delivery of mining dump trucks BELAZ-7555B was signed in Novosibirsk

27 october 2014

22, October in Novosibirsk as the part of "the Republic of Belarus days in Siberia was signed tripartite Memorandum of strategic partnership between OJSC "BELAZ, JSC "TD "BELAZ and JSC "STARK with the purpose of deliveries of modern mining equipment to Novosibirsk region.

Signing of tripartite Memorandum of strategic partnership between OJSC "BE-LAZ, JSC "TD BELAZ and JSC "STARK

Also was signed the Agreement of intent between LLC "KuzbassBelAuto and LLC "Karier for the delivery of fifteen mining dump trucks BELAZ7555B with payload capacity 55 tons.

Mining dump truck BELAZ-7555В

Mining dump trucks BELAZ-7555B are designed for transportation of loosened rocks on technological haul roads at open-pit sites under different climatic condi-tions. Mining dump trucks are used by different processing industry plants at the building of large industrial and hydrotechnical constructions, at construction of primary highway systems. Depending on unit weight of the load, the maximum efficiency can be reached while operation of excavators or loaders of the following capacity: 8 - 12,5 m3.

Competitive characteristics of mining dump truck BELAZ-7555В.
- Diesel engine with electronic control and central fan of coolant system guar-antees optimal specific power, ascending speed as well as fuel economy. Mining dump trucks are equipped with the starting preheater of coolant and engine fuel, which facilitates the start and operational stability under severe conditions of Far North.

- Hydromechanical transmission with six ahead stages and one astern stage enable to choose the most optimal tractional-speed mode of mining dump trucks, which simplifies driving and guarantees safety. Fluid converter reduces load impact in the transmission, provides sustainable engine operation while load variation. Automatic control system of the hydromechanical transmission improves operational characteristics of the mining dump truck, enables reliability by means of optimal operational conditions.

- Hydropneumatic suspension with installed hydraulic shock absorber. De-pendent system of guiding device enables high travelling comfort, high effi-ciency, operational speed, rolling resistance, units' durability and comfort-able working conditions for operators.

- Integral hydraulic system has structural simplicity and minimal loss of ca-pacity, enables oil cooling without radiator construction.

- Multidisc brake assembly enables to increase average operating speed by 10 ... 20% while ascending by means of increased efficiency of multiple-disc oil cooled brakes and forced cooling system. Operation time of multiple-disc oil cooled brakes in retarder brake mode decreases by 4-5 times as compared to hydrodynamic retarder brake. Rated brake torque of service and auxiliary brake increases. Increased reliability and safety of driving.

- Steering system. Hydrostatic drive enables reliability during maintenance and excludes reverse mechanical linkage. Low steering force, adjustable steering wheel column, ergonomic, safety steering wheel secures safety, ease of operation and high comport level. Minor steering radius and short base enable high maneuverability of mining dump trucks.

BELAZ - is not only reliable mining equipment but also reliable partner who proves his intention to work for perspective.

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