09 october 2014

OJSCBELAZ has performed the modernization program for thermal sheet and profile material nesting

The requirements for nesting of sheet and profile material are high as the right choice of the cutting method defines the quality of the output parts and blank parts.

Nowadays OJSC “BELAZ – Management Company of Holding “BELAZ-HOLDING has 20 units of equipment for thermal material nesting, among them are gas-cutting and plasma-cutting machines, laser-cutting machines and machines with gas and plasma cutting option. All this equipment has CNC systems and ensure in full nesting of material with thickness ranging from 0,5 up to 300mm, and if necessary, chamfering for welding. Theaverageageofthecuttingequipmentis3,5 years.

Recently blank parts production has received gas-cutting equipment of a new generation: three Suprarex SXE 6500 machines have been put into operation. This equipment is of a high productivity and shows the best efficiency under the conditions of serial production.

The gas-cutting machines have CNC system (model NCE Vision T5). The operator has a turning control panel with a 18,5" display, 1Gb work memory, USB-ports, 8-position joystick and 0-120% speed pot resistor. Vision TS control system has the options that enable successful operation of the machine even with a minimum experience therein, for example, “built-in help gives users clear step-wise operation instructions.

The machines have working area of 5000×16000 mm. The portal has 6 carriages on which 6 (in case of application of dualizers - 12) gas and plasma cutters. The maximum thickness at cutting with one cutter with COOLJET internal cooling is 300mm. AC drive with rack-and-pinion gear ensures positioning at the speed of 40000 mm/min. COLUMBUS software package with Layont Designer basic package includes all options necessary for creation of NC-programs including distribution, combined cutting, “blank nick, “acute angle, holes cutting.

Implementation of a new generation equipment enables to meet the main requirements for nesting:

· high quality of edges;

· absence of permanent deformation in nesting areas;

· cutting efficiency;

· automatization of nesting technology.

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