BELAZ is wining the SAR market

05 september 2014

This year BELAZ-75312 mining dump trucks with payload capacity of 240T were delivered to the SAR for the first time in order to be operated at the iron-ore deposit Northern Cape.

BELAZ-75312 mining dump truck

The main advantages of BELAZ-75312 mining dump truck are as follows:
• payload capacity of 240T thereat the maximum speed is 60 km/h;
• MTU diesel engine DD 16V4000 with power of 1864 kW with electronic control and central switchable cooling system blade wheel ensure high specific power and the truck speed uphill as well as high fuel efficiency;
• AC traction electric drive КТЭ 240 manufactured by OJSC “Power machines improves the traction dynamic performance and reduces operational costs;
• bearing parts and gears of motor-wheel reduction gear are made of the best alloy steel with the usage of the state-of-the-art technologies;
• electrodynamic brakes with capacity of 2400 kW reduce the mechanical wear of friction materials of brake linings;
• steering emergency drive with pneumohydraulic accumulator ensures safe operation in emergency situations;
• small turning radius along with short wheel base ensure high maneuverability of the truck.

BELAZ mining equipment to be delivered to the SAR are adopted for the specific operation conditions and customer’s requirements. For example, the mining dump trucks are equipped with a comfortable diagonal ladder to climb the deck, an additional safety bumper as dodger, fast fueling system, oil and coolant filling systems, active safety system that informs the operator of approaching to any obstacles from all sides of the truck.

BELAZ-75302 mining dump truck

Nowadays 2013 and 2014 with no doubts can be considered as the period of active promotion of BELAZ equipment on the African continent. During that period, 26 BELAZ mining dump trucks with payload capacities of 90T, 130T and 220T were delivered to the SAR. Strengthening on this market is a result of collaboration of OJSC “BELAZ and its partners that are the members of its distribution network. Among them is an official dealer Dizel-Komplekt LLC and certified technical service center Mynbou Rigs Afrika.

The recent success of OJSC “BELAZ put the company on one line with other world’s leading manufactures of heavy-duty mining equipment on the SAR market and made it possible to face the future with confidence and set new greater goals.

Reference. The first BELAZ-7548 mining dump truck with payload capacity of 30T was delivered to the SAR in 1991. In 2003-2004 a number of 45-60T mining dump trucks as well as special purpose equipment (loaders and bulldozers) were delivered to the SAR. In 2010 the deliveries mostly consisted of heavy mining dump trucks including BELAZ-75302 dump truck of 220T capacity.

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