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BELAZ-75581 mining dump truck is recognized the best Belarusian product on the Russian market

02 october 2014

The contest “The best Belarusian product on the Russian market is completed. This year the winner in group “Product of manufacturing and industrial use became OJSC “BELAZ Management Company of Holding “BELAZ-HOLDING (OJSC “BELAZ) that presented its 90T BELAZ-75581 with AC electro-mechanical transmission manufactured by OJSC “Elektrosila.

BELAZ-75581 is a new development of OJSC “BELAZ. Within a short period of time this 90T truck has already won the appreciation of the Russian customers. The first sample of BELAZ-75581 mining dump truck was assembled in the end of 2012. In 2013 the truck was successfully accepted and put into serial production. Same year BELAZ-75581 was for the first time delivered to Region 42 LLC (Kemerovo), Alrosa (Aikhal), CJSC URALBELAZSERVICE (Chelyabinsk).

The consumers of the dump truck highly appreciated the advantages of 90T dump truck with electro-mechanical transmission with AC traction electric drive. These are the following:
- reliability,
- easy control and service,
- smaller number of units and mechanical components (bearings, gears, etc.) of the drive reduces the possibility of failure, simplifies the maintenance and reduces the scope of works,
- fixed ratio in transmission ensures smooth change of traction force and simplifies the driver’s work,
- smaller number of fluids and range of filling fluids reduces the operational expenses and time of technical maintenance,
- absence of wear parts as well as heat limits ensures constant application of retarder.

Considering the high interest of the customers in BELAZ-75581 mining dump truck, the specialists of OJSC “BELAZ developed this model for northern application. This configuration includes Lincoln centralized lubrication system, high voltage proximity signaling device, fuel and load control system, telemetric tire pressure control system, video-viewing system, engine start pre-heater, thermal insulating side shield for engine, hood cover, cabin with additional heater and double glass pane. This enables the comfort working conditions for the operator and eases the operation of the dump truck in north latitude.

The appreciationof BELAZ-75581 as the best producton the Russian market is a good proof that OJSC BELAZ chose the right direction for upgrading of its series-produced trucks, development of new more efficient models of mining equipment as well as following the traditions.

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