Azerbaijan fleet received new 130T BELAZ dump trucks

09 september 2014

In August of the current year OJSC “BELAZ shipped 2 BELAZ-75131 mining dump trucks with payload capacity of 130T and 10 BELAZ-7547 mining dump trucks with payload capacity of 45T for Dashkesan mining-and-processing works. This delivery is the first delivery of mining equipment with payload capacity of more than 90T to Azerbaijan among the world’s manufactures.

Dashkesan works operates on the basis of iron-ore deposits of Dashkesan mine region the reserves of which make up around 350 million ton of ore. This minefield is the largest in the Caucasus and is strategically significant.

BELAZ-75131 mining dump truck is designed for transportation of loosen rocks on technological roads in open mines under various climatic conditions. Moreover, these trucks can be operated during construction of large production and hydrotechnical constructions, road construction as well as at processing production works.

Upon the customer’s request the dump trucks can be equipped with Lincoln centralized lubrication system, air conditioner.

Technical specifications of BELAZ-75131

Payload capacity

130 T

Engine model

Cummins KTA-50C

Power, kW (hp)

1194 (1624)

Specific fuel consumption at rated power, g/kW*h

207, 2





Traction alternator

ГСН-500, ГСТ-1, СГТ-1000

Power, kW


Traction electric motor

ТАД-5/ ЭПД-600, ЭК-590

Power, kW

610/600, 590

Maximum speed, km/h


Turning radius, m


Truck weight, kg empty

107100 (standard configuration)


BELAZ-75131 mining dump trucks are of high demand among consumers. The geography of deliveries for 2010-2014 includes Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Mongolia, China.

The delivery of BELAZ-75131 mining dump trucks of 130T capacity and further cooperation with Azerbaijan mining companies is a new step in diversification of product and geographical markets of the equipment of OJSC “BELAZ.

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